Market Toyota Tokai

Customer Feedback

Message from Akio Toyoda CEO Toyota Motor Corporation:

"I believe we have to earn our customer smiles every day and exceed their expectations." "I believe we are a company of dedicated, passionate people that can accomplish anything. And, I believe Toyota will continue to constantly strive to improve the lives of customers and society as a whole"

Sales Department

"I was shown the vehicles. Things were explained to me. I didn't have to wait. I got what I wanted and the salesperson understood what I wanted.
I found the service satisfactory and I don't normally recommend anyone to anyone."

"They didn't follow the process of the first time buyer. They could have held my hand throughout the whole process as a first time buyer. I had to request a quote and it was done telephonically which I shouldn't have had to ask.
After the whole misunderstanding things were thoroughly explained and the protocol was followed and they also understood my concerns and we had happy ending results"

"Everything was smooth. They constantly updated me. Joe, my salesperson, was very good and I was very happy
The overall service was absolutely fantastic. Everyone was friendly. They show they were to do business with you and so I am very happy."

"The service was efficient and there was good communication
They are efficient. It was good value for money"

"The people are very friendly and helpful
Market Toyota is like a family and they also treat me as family, so I would not mind recommending them to my friends and family. In fact, I have recommended them already."

"The staff was friendly and the service was good. I walked in and I was immediately attended to. I did not wait long. they knew what they were doing
Same as previously. The staff was friendly and the service was good. I walked in and I was immediately attended to. I did not wait long. They knew what they were doing. They are down the road, so they are convenient"

"They went out of their way to get me the red colour, but I did not like it but they got me a white colour and I liked it.
They were helpful all the way through."

"It was friendly and good service
I would recommend them. Their service was quick and they were able to assist me with my needs"

"The communication was a hundred percent and the way the delivery was done. There were no delays and they were on time
From the last experience I had, everything was good and they were honest and open."